What if your business card and website were one and the same?

Welcome to Kontact Kard!

Your Kontact Kard is your easy to use, easy to share, easy to remember minisite & business card. It's built beautifully and purposefully, to achieve the goal of enhancing your personal brand or business.

With Kontact Kard your options are endless. You can create links to instantly add your contact to a client's phone, or direct them to your google review page all with a single tap of the finger.

Unbelievably Easy

Tell us what you want to share, or use our pre-determined fields to build out a super-fast website with all your links and services! You don't have to be tech-savvy to have a super slick minisite, we got you!

Always Up To Date

Because your Kontact Kard is online, its always connected and up to date with your latest info. You got a new promotion? Nice! Let everyone know instantly without re-printing thousands of new business cards.

Your Last Business Card Ever

Wouldn't it be nice to stop carrying hundreds of boring paper business cards? Cut through the clutter and wasted paper with your own NFC and QR Enabled PVC Kontact Kard! It's the last business card you'll ever need!

Did you know? More than 80% of business cards are thrown away.

Share your Kontact Kard Anywhere with Anyone

Each Kontact Kard account comes with an easy-to-remember website URL. For example, your site might be john.kontactkard.com. From here you can share your custom URL in your email signature, scan to share with a QR code, or tap to share with our built-in NFC business card. It's your site, share it how you want, where you want!

Out with the old

Physical Cards

Why buy hundreds or even thousands of business cards that can either get lost or be rendered completely useless by something as simple as a new phone number? With Kontact Kard you get a quality PVC business card that is always up to date. Simply share your URL via NFC, or scan the QR code located on the back of your card.

With Kontact Kard your full contact information is added automatically to your prospects' phone with just the tap of a finger.

Touch it

See it for yourself

Check out our example kontact kard below to get an understanding of the versatility your kontact kard enables.

Gone are the days of fumbling for through your wallet or purse for an old tattered out of date business card. With a Kontact Kard you can instantly share ALL of your most important information with those important to you. All it takes is a tap, scan, or click and you've shared your details instantly and effortlessly.

So what are you waiting for?

Per Month


Ditch the business cards and expensive web hosting fees! Get everything you need to share your business or personal brand without the headache.

  • Personalized Kontact Kard Site

  • Free Physical NFC & QR Enabled Kard

  • Email and Text Support

Per Year (Paid Annualy)


Not a fan of subscriptions? Pay annually and save. You get everything in the monthly tier PLUS a $15 savings! We make it easy!

  • Personalized Kontact Kard Site

  • Free Physical NFC & QR Enabled Kard

  • Email and Text Support

Have a question?

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